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Published On October 10, 2018 | By Mady Tels | Shopping

Which pair of shoes to wear with which trousers? What about the socks? Do laces really matter? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, chances are that you will find Individualism’s Shoe edition of “A Guide to…” undoubtedly useful.

To kick off this series, we are focusing on an essential element of your every day outfit; shoes. Studies have shown that people, specifically women, notice your shoes before any other part of your attire, so make sure you’re using those socks to wear with your brogues, not to stuff your pants. You can have an impeccably-styled ensemble with the most intricate Detail, right down to the Aspinall cufflinks and Tom Ford glasses,or a smart Button Up made up of a colour scheme put together so well it could make a dog smile, but if all you have to go with your best attire is a pair of curly-toed loafers, something is terribly wrong. Put them down now, walk away, and don’t look back.

As ever, we have a couple of ideas up our sleeves to share with you. A spontaneous pair of vibrant Kickers coupled with some bright socks can compliment an otherwise plain outfit. Size-wise, shoes and socks are perhaps the smallest part of your outfit, so getting the combination right is a nice bit of attention to detail.  It oozes personality and gives others a perception that you know exactly what you’re doing when in actuality, you just read this guide. (You’re welcome.)

As menswear moves into diverse and experimental grounds, the choice of colours and patterns available is incredible. Spots, stripes, houndstooth or jacquard, you name it, there’s a pair out there for you to pull up. Sports trainers with suits and less casual outfits are a great way to manipulate a smart look, allowing you play around with colours, textures and styles.

Don’t be afraid to work with contrasting shoes and socks, and balance your vibrant footwear by keeping the rest of your outfit relatively subtle. Follow these steps as inspiration and pull off creative colour combinations while you put your best foot forward!

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